Slow Feed Round Bale Nets

Our hay net will significantly reduce the rate at which your horses and livestock go through a round bale of hay. GutzBusta® Easy Fit Round Bale Hay Nets are made from tough and durable 60ply polyethylene netting which has been UV stabilised and heat-treated so they are truly strong and durable. We also have knotless GutzBusta round bale hay nets that are equally strong and durable. It significantly reduces hay wastage for up to 46% and allows round bales to last longer.

Our round bales will fully encapsulate the bale and are generous fitting,  therefore lasting you longer as they will continue to fit your hay bale over time. A super tight net over your bale might look good for the first few uses, but after a bit of weathering, they become tighter and more difficult to put on. Our slow feed hay nets are still easy to put on years after purchasing.

We understand that this is a significant investment and therefore want you to be happy with your purchase. We have been making the knotted hay nets for over 10 years (since 2011) and produce what we feel is a superior product in size, shape and ease of use. In 2020, we added the knotless nets to our range and have been equally satisfied with their strength and longevity.

For instructions on how to fit a round bale net to your bale of hay, please click here.