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Knotless hay nets medium

Awesome hay nets! Easy to fill and love the reinforced tab for tying up. Our horses are managing the 4cm holes just fine.

Great haynets

I love the GutzBusta knotless haynets I have 6 of them in 2 different sizes.
The best haynets I have had. GutzBusta are really great to deal with as well.

Very good

Good to deal with fast delivery good product

Great durable hay net!!

I love these hay nets!! We have in the past used another popular brand of hay net but within one year they were requiring tons of repairs due to holes. I bought gutzbusta hay nets to try and will not be going back!! I initially bought two of them and have had them for two years with no holes or even visible wear. I just bought two more so the horses have more nets to choose from. These hay nets are so easy to fill with the large opening and hold up incredibly well even with my one horse who tends to be rough on hay nets!! Highly recommend and will continue to use!!

Medium Hay net

Easy to fill, and hang. It was exactly what I was looking for. Slowed down my horses,so they weren't wasting there hay. Love my new hay nets ❤️

Robust haynet

I bought this haynet to go in my slow feeder from High Country Plastics and it’s been awesome! It endures constant yanking from three horses and keeps them busy much longer than the webbed grate that came with my feeder. Definitely a thumbs up!

The moderate size holes and the softness of the net are great for my seniors.

Medium square bale nets

These are great nets for big sized bales. I use it for straw and it saves me having to fill up smaller nets each day. Happy customer and ponies.

Great Hay Net

Strong and sturdy hay net, much better than the thin difficult to fill variety. Love the availability of different sized holes. Keeps my ponies fed and entertained

My Pony Loves it!!

Perfect for my Beautiful Pony!
She just loves this Hay Net!!

Works great!

I wanted to try a 1.25" net for my young horse who I know needs to keep busy and figured I'd give this one a go. It is super easy to fill and so far is working great.

Soft and works as advertised!

So far I am very happy with my Slow Feed Hay Net. My horse acclimated to it quickly and it has slowed her down.

Use for cattle

This fit perfectly around the top edge of our round bale feeder for our cattle, hoping to slow the ladies down so there isn't so much wasted. One week in and so far so good, quality looks durable, we'll see how long it holds up. 4 Star for now, maybe 5 down the road if the views 6 don't tear it up in a month. Can't say yet.

Love them.

Great for the colder nights. Slows my two right down .

10/10 would recommend! The best customer service ever!!!

Excellent product, the horses, ponies and even the baby calves eat from them. Saves hay wastage

Slow Feeder

I am really liking this slow feeder hay net. Easy to fill, and minis cannot get their noses in the opening to cheat!!

5x4 hay net

Great product, my hay supplier said I would not like a net, I have tried several other methods of controlling hay waste and this is the best! Love it!

High quality, soft net

This is by far the best hay net I have ever used. I was questioning if the extra cost for the knotless would be worth it and I’m SO happy I went that way. The material is soft, yet very durable. Love that the large net opening is super wide for easy filling.

Great hay bags

Hay bags hold up to the most aggressive eaters and are easy to fill. I have 4 and will be buying more!

Fabulous nets - easy to fill :)

Wow just bought two of the small holes,
Large nets- these are fab as have the large opening so super easy to fill them. I love the material they are made of as softer on horses teeth. The rope that’s closes them is super easy to tie and untie and strong….. I will be buying more for sure and replacing all the old style haynets I have :)


Easy to fill. Long lasting. Horses are healthy as they have easy access to slow grazing round bale. Gutz Busta hay nets and round bale nets are the best. Highly recommend you grab some today. Thanks Gutz Busta .... brilliant products. Sharon

Great product

Nice soft material, easy to use. LOVE how the drawstring is another colour! Easy to find. Great product and does its job well.

Knotless haynets-medium

I recently purchased another hay net from Gutzbusta, this time a knotless haynet medium and it’s proving to be fantastic! I’m so impressed with their hay nets, purchasing over 13 hay nets so far, 1 for each of our ponies. We breed Shetland ponies even though they arent big horses they are really quite tough on their hay nets and these are the best brand on the market.