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Ready For Winter

Knotless 5x4 easy to set up and 6cm holes perfect for my two boys

Hay Bags

These bags are not the best. All of our horses are fed this way.
Currently we have 9 horses and all of them have one.

Excellent Quality and Value

Bought two to try….will be ordering more - they’re great! Love the medium for night time, can fit heaps in, and keeps horses nibbling all night long!

Good mask and good service

These are good fly masks that our horse will tolerate wearing. The item was despatched quickly with great updates as to its progress. Good service.

fantastic hay nets!

Love these nets and I have 10 of them now. I use them every day on the ground in the paddock to stop the hay blowing away. Occasionally I have to tie them down as otherwise full ones roll with the wind, and once empty they can get blown away. My horses are all barefoot and I like that the sizes of the holes mean its unlikely a foot will become trapped. Also like the wide fill open end, and the fact the string is tough and my horses are happy to eat hay or baleage out of them. Even the 'small' nets are a great size. Love them!

Great net !

The medium knotless net is amazing ! My horse absolutely loves his net ! We got the free range and my horse finishes almost the entire net ! I fit about half a bale in my net ! I could still fit more if I wanted to !

Knotless Hay Nets - Small

These nets are the best , just bought my eighth net , more to buy , I fill a weeks worth of nets so easy to feed horses .
Highly recommend.

Knotless hay net

They arrived in good order. They are in week 2
And he has to work harder and he is still has it empty by the morning. Working well !

Hay bag

Loved the large hay bag but we also ordered the extra large hay bag and not going to be able to use as it would betoo heavy to hang if it had two bales in it

Great Product!

It provides great stimulation as another feeding source!

Hay bag

Really good quality! Also, easy to fill !
Love it

Knotless Hay Nets - Small
Esmeralda Melnick
Nice sturdy and great shaped nets

I love the rope drawsting and the net is a great shape, easy to fill and good quality. I also love how the different net sizes have different coloured drawstrings. Overall a great net and I'll definitely be buying more in future!

Knotless hay nets

Great nets will be buying more!

Fabulous Quality Slow Feeder Medium

This is now my third order of haynets from GutzBusta. Fabulous quality product / does everything described in the ads and so very durable. Customer service, when I placed my first order, was exceptional, as I wasn’t sure what size to order. Very happy, returning customer 😊

Love the knotless net!

The net is easier to fill than the nets we're used to, the knotless material feels very strong and durable, yet very soft at the same time. My pony is an expert when it comes to hay nets, so we got the three-quarter inch size and it's working perfectly. So happy with this net, probably going to buy another one in the near future!!

The bags are too big for small ponies but good product and service

Knotless Hay Net - Meduim

Fabulous product! Strong and durable perfect for overnight and to have in a stable or yard when minimal grass is available it allows for them to graze slowly!

Round bale knotless

Super easy to put over bale - really pleased.

Best hay nets eva!

We love Gutbusta haynets. Stong, but so soft on the horses mouth, and perfect size. We always buy knotless medium size hay nets.

Great service, great product!

Knotless Hay Nets - 6'x4' Round Bale


Perfect for our needs. Will order another.

Well made

Works a treat!

The haynets have been fabulous! Stops the hay blowing away - we have just had a hooley of a southerly so they have been perfect! Also, one of our horses was prone to choke, gobbling too much hay, too quickly. These knotless haynets slow them right down, keep them nibbling and no greedy gutz! I also hang them easy as with the clips - will send some photos thanks heaps! Vicky

Knotless Hay Nets - Medium
Victoria Robertson
Best hay nets

These hay nets are by far the best on the market, I’ve had one for about two years now and it’s hung outside every night, no rips or problems at all.